Picture Book Literary Agents

I’ve been seeing a lot of frustration on Twitter lately about how many hours authors are spending searching for the perfect agents to submit their unsolicited query letters. I keep a comprehensive list for myself (that took hours and hours to compile), but I figured why not post it a little at a time for everyone else to use too?

Click on the name of the agent you are interested in learning more about, and it will take you to their bio, usually on their agency website. Usually their MSWL is there as well, but I didn’t want to list it on my blog because they change constantly. Good luck out there, everyone!

Rebecca Angus & Stephani Cardel (info on same page for both agents)
(Note: Stephanie represents writers of PB if they also write MG or YA)

Jennifer Unter (scroll to bottom)

This will be a series, and it will take multiple blog posts to cover all the agents I have discovered so far. I will spread out the posts throughout the next few months, so be sure to subscribe to my blog in order to receive updates.

Remember: This list is accurate as of April 2020. The agents listed may or may not currently be open to queries in general, so be sure to check out the agency’s submission guidelines.

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