Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

Be Kind, written by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Jen Hill, is a wonderful book about a little girl who has trouble deciding the right thing to do when her classmate spills grape juice all over her own dress. She knows she should be kind to help her feel better, but what does that look like? As she tries to figure it out, she thinks of ways she already knows how to be kind:
– by giving
– by helping
– by paying attention and listening

She even thinks of easy ways to be kind, like throwing away trash, using manners, and just saying people’s names when you see them. She also remembers ways to be kind that are difficult, like teaching someone a new concept or sticking up to a bully.

But how do all of these things help her classmate, who is embarrassed and sad? Our main character finds a simple yet beautiful way to show her friend kindness, and teaches us that anyone can be kind and we can show kindness in so many different ways. A must read for anyone with kiddos.

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