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Honeysmoke by Monique Fields

Simone is a little girl who doesn’t know where she fits in. She’s not black like her mama or white like her daddy, so what color is she? She is bound and determined to find her color, but it has to be the perfect color.

Such a gorgeously written story about mixed families, and the beauty that comes from them. I love that this story had the main character making up her own color and identity instead of trying to fit in to just black or white. It’s just such a wonderful story that shows kids they are perfect exactly how they are, and they shine brighter when they don’t try to fit into such basic labels.

The illustrations by Yesenia Moises are so bright and rich and just so fanciful to look at. This is a story that has been read multiple times in our house already, and I highly recommend it for all families and classrooms.


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