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What Lane? by Torrey Maldonado

Description: Anything his friends can do, Stephen should be able to do too, right? So when they dare each other to sneak into an abandoned building, he doesn’t think it’s his lane, but he goes. Here’s the thing, though: Can he do everything his friends can? Lately, he’s not so sure. As a mixed kid, he feels like he’s living in two worlds with different rules–and he’s been noticing that strangers treat him differently than his white friends . . . So what’ll he do? Hold on tight as Stephen swerves in and out of lanes to find out which are his–and who should be with him.

Thoughts: Such a great book for kids to pick up and see themselves in. The book was published just this year and it references so many current movies, movements, slang, etc that kids can really relate to. I actually learned a few new slang words myself lol. This coming-of-age story deals with many topics that preteens are dealing with everyday including peer pressure, racism, and friendships. But the message that rings through the entire story is that friendship can triumph over anything, and I think that is a message kids can hold tight.


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