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Lili Macaroni by Nicole Testa

Description: Lili Macaroni loves exactly who she is. That is, until she starts kindergarten. There her classmates tease her, and she has never felt such unhappiness before. It makes her want to erase herself and draw a brand new Lili. But does she really want to erase her hair that’s just like Mom’s? Her eyes just like Grandma’s? Her Grandpa’s infectious laugh? With her parents’ help, she creates a butterfly to wear at her collar, and when she explains the butterfly to her classmates, Lili discovers she has begun a powerful conversation, and that everyone has some trouble to be carried away on butterfly wings.

Review: I absolutely adore this book, and it’s such an important one that addresses how bullying can hurt a child’s self-esteem. I cried as I read it the first time because the main character is so uniquely beautiful that it’s heartbreaking when she doesn’t like herself anymore. This is such a common occurrence for so many people, even outside of school, and Nicole Testa did a wonderful job tackling this issue. I highly recommend this to anyone with kids, of any age.


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