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Halloweensie Writing Contest

To celebrate Halloween, Susanna Hill (@SusannaLHill) has an annual writing contest that embraces the holiday to its fullest.

Like every writing contest, this one has some unique rules:
– First, the story has to be no more than 100 words. And it has to read like a story, it can’t be a mood piece.
– Second, the story must contain the words skeleton, creep, and mask.
– Lastly, the story has to be for kids!

Stories can be posted onto an author’s website/blog anytime, but the entry period is from Oct 29 – Oct 31, so there is still time to enter! Below, I have pasted my entry for the contest.

Good luck, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the entries!

The Witch’s Garden
Word Count: 99 words

Once a year, on Halloween night, Wanda the Witch’s garden comes to life. Vines creep and crawl around a headstone, while a skeleton claws through the garden soil, hoisting his bones up from the cold grave below. He grumbles and moans as his shakey footsteps lead him out the garden gate. As he stumbles on the sidewalk, he passes masked goblins, ghosts, and ghouls running and sending high-pitched screeches into the night. His bones rattle as he steps up to the door, and his fingers slowly reach out to ring the bell. The door creeeeeaks open…

“Trick or treat!”


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