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One Earth by Eileen Spinelli

Description: Kids can count reasons to love the planet and ways to protect it in the pages of this conservation-themed book. Gentle verse reminds the reader of Earth’s beauties. The text then starts counting backwards, listing simple ways children can help, such as reducing waste and reusing items. The conclusion takes us back to number one with the book’s key message: “One Earth so beautiful. Remember–only one.” At once celebration and challenge, this book will encourage children to take better care of the planet.

Thoughts: This picture book just has so much about it to love! The illustrations by Rogerio Coelho are beautifully stunning, and I had to flip through the book again once I finished my first read through so I could focus solely on his artwork. And it was a perfect compliment to Eileen Spinelli’s story. The story was told in rhyme with a counting element, but the real story moved from showing the beauty of Earth to things we can do to preserve it through recycling, reusing, and reducing. There are so many elements included in this book that make it perfect on so many levels and in so many different genres.


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