Millionaires for the Month by Stacy McAnulty

Description: Felix Rannells is a rule follower. Benji Porter is a rule bender. They don’t have anything to talk about. Until . . . They find a wallet that belongs to tech billionaire Laura Friendly. They return it-but not before Benji “borrows” twenty dollars to buy hot dogs. Because twenty dollars is like a penny to a billionaire, right? But a penny has value. A penny doubled every day for thirty days is $5,368,709.12! So that’s exactly how much money Laura Friendly challenges Felix and Benji to spend. They have thirty days, can’t tell anyone, and there are LOTS of other rules. If they succeed, they each get ten million dollars to spend however they want. They rent cool cars, go to Disney World, buy pizza for the whole school-and that’s just the beginning! But money can’t buy everything or fix every problem. And spending it isn’t always as easy and fun as they thought it would be. . . 

Review: I thought the idea of two kids having to spend over $5 million in a month was such a unique premise for a middle grade book. So many adults play the lottery to someday have this scenario to deal with, but seeing it play out in these kids’ lives was really fun (and funny.) And I was really surprised to see how well the kids did it. They thought of a lot of things that never would have occurred to me, but I’m also a pretty thrifty shopper. A book not only about finances, but also about friendship and what’s important in life.

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