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Spring Fling KidLit Contest

I LOVE entering writing contests! Not only is there the possibility of a prize, but it also gives me a chance to write about a topic that might not work for a full book, take a break from a current manuscript and all the editing, and opens the possibility of encouragement or gratification from an incredibly supportive online writing community. The last point is really important because the publishing industry tends to send out far more rejection than acceptance letters. It’s uplifting to hear that what you wrote made a reader laugh, or cry, or even introduced them to a new topic or concept.

Most writing contests I find through Twitter, and that stays true of Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal‘s “Spring Fling KidLit Contest” that takes opens up between April 1-3. They always have such incredible prizes, and I’m really excited to enter again. For more information about the contest, you can visit the contest page here.

Above is the GIF I chose to be my inspiration, and below is my entry. Enjoy!

Word Count: 149

The courtyard bustles with shoppers hunting for local honey, handcrafted signs, homemade soaps, and of course, fresh produce. 

“Good morning, Junior Chef Jodi.” Farmer Kurt says with a tip of his hat. “Ready for today’s challenge?” 

“Absolutely!” I say, tightening my grip on my backpack, Mom standing close.

“Your challenge this week is… vegetarian quesadillas.”

I look closely at each vegetable in his stand, specks of soil clinging to the ripe skins, leaves, and roots. In a burst of inspiration, I pluck up a vibrant purple onion, deep green spinach, a chalky-white cauliflower, brown and white grooved morel mushrooms, and new-to-me crunchy red radishes.

“So many colors! With yellowish-orange cheese, we’ll be eating a rainbow for Mother’s Day,” I chuckle. 

“Great selection, Chef Jodi. Those radishes will add some nice crunch.”

“Thanks, Farmer Kurt!” I wave goodbye, backpack full of veggies and stomach growling, anxious to taste the rainbow.


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