Spring Fling Writing Contest

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal‘s “Spring Fling Writing Contest” takes place between April 1-3. I’ve been selected as a winner in the past and I’m really excited to enter again. I enjoy entering writing contests because it gives me a chance to write about a topic that might not work for a full book, I can take a break from a current manuscript, and it opens the possibility of encouragement or gratification from an incredibly supportive online writing community. It’s uplifting to hear that what you wrote made a reader laugh, or cry, or even introduced them to a new topic or concept. For more information about the contest, you can visit the contest page here.

Courtesy of scottwyden on Tenor

Above is the GIF I chose to be my inspiration, and below is my entry. Enjoy!

125 Words

In the distance, a streak of lightning flickers across the sky,
Thunder rumbles as it rolls away.
Once a shallow lake, the driveway is left with shrinking puddles.

Sophia pulls on her rubber ducky rain boots and slips into her slicky coat.
She splashes through the puddles,
Up and down the driveway and along the sidewalk,
But only for a minute.

She has work to do.
Stranded worms need her help.

She cradles worm after worm in the palms of her hands,
Carrying them to the safety of the lush grass and soft earth.
As the sun peeks around the last thundercloud, the worms burrow down deep
Knowing they’ll be safe with Sophia as their guardian when the next storm blows in.

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