#50PreciousWords Writing Contest

Every year, Vivian Kirkfield hosts a writing contest called #50PreciousWords to challenge authors to write a SUPER short story. It can be no more than 50 words and it must have a beginning, middle, and end. Definitely not an easy feat, and not for the faint of heart. Here is the information you need toContinue reading “#50PreciousWords Writing Contest”

Halloweensie Writing Contest

To celebrate Halloween, Susanna Hill (@SusannaLHill) has an annual writing contest that embraces the holiday to its fullest. Like every writing contest, this one has some unique rules:– First, the story has to be no more than 100 words. And it has to read like a story, it can’t be a mood piece.– Second, theContinue reading “Halloweensie Writing Contest”

Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I LOVE entering writing contests! The prizes, the writing community’s support, and the chance to write about a topic that might not work for a full book; all reasons they are so much fun. It’s also a welcome break from my current manuscript and all the editing/revising, MostContinue reading “Fall Writing Frenzy Contest”

#SunWriteFun Writing Contest

I haven’t posted about a writing contest in a while, but here is one that popped up this summer that I have really enjoyed participating in. Hosted by Karen Green and Jennifer Buchet, the idea is to write a complete non-fiction or informational-fiction summer-themed story geared towards kids in 200 words or less. Piece ofContinue reading “#SunWriteFun Writing Contest”

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