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Bea is for Blended by Lindsey Stoddard

Description: Bea and her mom have always been a two-person team. But now her mom is marrying Wendell, and their team is growing by three boys, two dogs, and a cat. Finding her place in her new blended family may be tough, but when Bea finds out her school might not get the all-girls soccer team they’d been promised, she learns that the bigger the team, the stronger the fight–and that for the girls to get what they deserve, they’re going to need a squad behind them.

Review: I just have so much love for this book! Blended families are a reality for so many kids, and I love how Lindsey Stoddard showcased so many different types of families within this story. Even though sport books usually don’t interest me, I was completely entranced with the story of Bea and Bryce, and how brave and kind students can be. And there was such a powerhouse of strong women who knew what was right and how to fight for it. This is a major girl-power book and I loved every minute of it. This is a must-read for everyone, not just kids.


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