Too Sticky! By Jen Malia

When I finish a book and decide to write a review about it, it goes on my writing desk so I don’t forget. I kept forgetting to write a review for Jen Malia’s wonderful book because it kept disappearing from my desk. My youngest daughter loves it so much that we have to read it every night before bed, and sometimes during the day as well. She’s only two years old and accustomed to board books and shorter picture books, so I was amazed that this book held her full attention the entire time every time.

And not only is Too Sticky! wonderful as a children’s book, but it also gives both kids and adults amazing insight into the mind of someone with autistic sensory issues. I learned so much about autism from reading this book, and I am so grateful that my daughters will learn how to empathize with autistic members of their classrooms when they get to school. This is such an important read for ALL children.

I just realized I’ve been raving so much about the book, I completely forgot to tell what it’s about. The story follows Holly, a second grade autistic student who doesn’t like loud noises, eye contact, or touching sticky things. She has learned how to handle herself when these sensory issues come up, but she’s not sure she can handle making slime today in science class. It is just too sticky!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

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